Friday, June 17, 2011

More Video Game Bans

This week was an interesting one. Earlier we had CEO 2011 which I finally got a Grand Finals video for in MvC3. We also got some unfortunate news in Australia since their strict laws have confirmed that Dead or Alive Dimensions will also not be available in stores. Similar to the other Scandinavian countries I covered earlier, Australian officials have decided that the new DoA game is unfit for any audiences and will not be reaching the continent's shelves. Seeing as Australia is known for issues with strict laws regarding exploitation and what can be deemed proper for sale, this doesn't come to much of a surprise. Thankfully, America is still set for an upcoming release.

And as mentioned earlier, we have a grand finals video of the Tokido vs Justin Wong match at CEO. The characters, in my opinion, are excessively boring but it shows a level of play that I can only hope to reach in this game. Leave your thoughts in the comments below =)

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