Monday, May 30, 2011

Tourney Results from this Weekend

1: EG Justin Wong (She-Hulk, Wolverine, Akuma)
2: Rex0r (Magneto, Wolverine, Sentinel)
3: KeraHime~<3 (Tron Bonne, Dante, Sentinel)
4: fLoE (She-Hulk, Dante, Dormammu)
5: DMG PR Balrog (Dante, Wolverine, Tron Bonne)
5: Frankie G (Dante, Trish, Doctor Doom)
7: TS NerdJosh (She-Hulk, Taskmaster, Tron Bonne)
7: Omg ITZ Andre (Magneto, Amaterasu, Wesker)

Super Street Fighter 4
1: EG Justin Wong (Rufus, Adon)
2: Alex Valle (Ryu)
3: DMG PR Rog (Balrog)
4: EQ Ricky Ortiz (Rufus)
5: BLG JuiceBox Abel (Abel)
5: TFA BananaKen (Ken)
7: Wolfkrone (Viper)
7: fLoE (Rufus)

Mortal Kombat 9
1: Perfect Legend (Kung Lao)
2: DMG PR Rog (Raiden)
3: EG Justin Wong (Kung Lao)
4: Michaelangelo (Kabal)
5: KTH (Cyrax)
5: Alex Valle (Shang Tsung)
7: Playing To W1n (Raiden)
7: Limbo (Reptile)

Not too surprisingly, Justin Wong takes 1st place in SSF4 and Marvel vs Capcom 3 while getting a solid 3rd place in MK9. Guy's way too good. More surprising was that fLoE was unable to grab a top spot in MvC3. I'm also rather disappointed that top 8 in MvC3 had the same good characters we've seen in the past. Was hoping for Mike Ross to make a showing at this and wreck face.

And congrats go out to the winner of the Windy City Arcade stick during the raffle.  I gotta admit, I got really jealous. The buttons even light up!


  1. Wish I could have watched the matches!

  2. Heh, and the buttons light up! I'm with ya on the same characters thing, though. I always hated when I played magic and the same decks won week to week. Same thing here I would imagine.

  3. to the mk9 brachet, im surprised so many people play Kung Lao

  4. cool button pad! that thing looks rad!

  5. Damnit Wong is too good, im impressed at his skills, i mean he got 2 first places and landed a 3rd place on MK. Lets see how he will fare against Daigo in July when he faces him in MVC3 and SSF4.

  6. Awww man I want that. Looks sweet.

  7. Cool pad, congrats to whoever won it =)

  8. Wow! Very nice and pretty lights @_@

  9. Damn perfect legend on top again! as always ;D

  10. that arcade stick looks amazing! im jealous too!

  11. Ha ha I don't think I could game with a controller like that.

  12. great fights! these guys are amazing

  13. I haven't played MvC3 in awhile. When did Tron become popular?